The problems of war within.

Within a country when they are at a big war that has almost everybody involved, there is depression and confusion. Within the country many people of family’s are shipped off to war leaving their families sad and afraid. Few may come back. Also within the country people are having to pay more taxes, creating anger and sadness. People are having to scramble their lives to get money. Leaving no time for actual family, no time for a simple game of catch, no time to watch the shortest movie in the world.

Many few things keep peoples spirits up, such as sports. Baseball was the backbone of America in World War Two. But few people would be able to afford the now so expensive tickets. Still sports would relieve some of the sadness and depression of the people. But maybe a few new stars that would emerge, making more people watch. The community that owns a few of the stadiums may be generous and bring down tickets prices. Although education would be hard to get only letting people few people play sports.

War almost never brings good things. It is something that brings pain and loss. Reasons of war may be true or not depends who is saying it, and how well they have proven themself worthy of ones trust. We may fight to aid others, such as a friend will stand up for his or hers. We fought the Germans and Japanese, because they were attacking our allies among other reasons. But through war new friendships may come together, leaving us with a great expansion of friendship between the people. Some say war brings good things, few do.

Joe DiMaggio was famous for breaking the record set by Babe Ruth by batting safely for 56 games in a row. He played and astonished people in with his amazing batting skills before we went to war with Germany and Japan. People were very worried and upset about the raging war around America. His plays and amazing bating skills made the war seem to vanish to the people. He played for the New York Yankees. Photo credit to harveymackay




Ted Williams was famous for being  able to hit every pitch thrown to him that was in the pitch zone. He was apart of the band of hero’s before we went to war. He discovered that weight was not important, but speed was.Photo credit to




Babe Ruth, was demoted down to minor leagues. Because off his health and age he was demoted. But the legends of Babe Ruth lived on. And though he got demoted his fans followed him no mater what. His world records of the most home runs in his time, were simply amazing no doubt about it. He was very young when he started getting scouts attention. Babe Ruth is one of the many amazing hero’s of baseball. Photo credit to


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