Why, oh dear why. I’m creepy

Oh dear.

The dark is unknown.

Mystic things happen there.

And if you are to venture into it.

You’ll find yourself alone. With only you.

In a land of no return you may enter. And find no center.

You journey on without a clue of where you may go. But have hope.

No this is not Narinia. But a land filled with creatures that are visible. But not.

You always will find a wall. But ledges that you may fall. With creatures with horns and claws.

And you find your self facing the worst of them all. The king of men they are not. But are free of reality.

With no realistic form. The roam the world with no inform. You see but only their shadows creeping along in the lone

Facing no reality of ones sort. What will you make of them? Will you time them for the beat of ones heart. But no heart is found in them.

These cold unrealistic things are, thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Why, oh dear why. I’m creepy

  1. G’day Corbin,
    Thanks for directing me to this post by leaving a comment on the blogging challenge. I had no idea what it was about until the last line.

    PS I also got distracted by the game loading on the sidebar.

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